Custom Music Production

I am a Hip Hop Producer who supplies Custom Music Production Services that are available for every need of the Artist.
If you are looking for original material and have not found what you need in my Beat Store, tell me what you want and I'll create a customized beat for you.

-please email me or call me and I will work out a deal.

Beats include an Exclusive Rights license agreement, stereo masters, multi-track WAV files or MP3, and up to three rounds of editing to get the mix and arrangement just right. Serious Inquiries only.


The Process

1. Upon receipt of non-refundable 50% payment and completed Custom Production Form, Geo the Architect (herein referred to as “Producer”) will begin production on beat(s) requested.

2. Producer will create a custom beat(s) based on the information provided in the Custom Production Form. If additional information is needed to begin project, Producer will contact client via email or phone to gather additional information/feedback. Producer will provide sample drafts of the custom beat(s) as MP3 files throughout the project’s duration. These draft MP3s will be sent via email as attachments or hyperlinks.

3. Client will specify changes needed (if any) up to three rounds. Client will be expected to give approval on final versions of each song produced after no more than four rounds of mix editing.

4. Upon project completion and client satisfaction, Producer will deliver to client (via email) a stereo mix master (WAV file) and separated multi-tracks of the custom song produced. The stereo mix master is the main stereo mix of the song and multi-tracks are all individual tracks that make up the stereo mix including kick, snare, bass, keys, strings, synth, etc. All stereo mix masters and multi-track masters will be delivered in 16-bit .wav format.

5. Upon final approval, client will receive an invoice for the remaining 50% payment.

6. Upon receipt of final payment, Producer will deliver a co-signed music production contract, license agreement, and all deliverable master files to client via email.

7. All payment transactions will be completed through PayPal.